4 Seasons Early Learning Center

Planting seeds in the hearts and homes of preschoolers

4 Seasons believes children learn best through hands-on and open ended experiences.

Our objective is to provide:

  • A safe, healthy, warm, friendly and positive environment where children can purposefully engage in the joy of learning.
  • An active learning environment with development appropriate practices that stimulate individual growth and development.

Children are born learners.

4 Seasons is here to see that children continue their knowledge by:

  1. Promoting experiences leading to self-knowledge
  2. Teaching self-Respect
  3. Giving them a sense of independence
  4. Developing their ability to express, accept, and control their feelings socially and emotionally
  5. Promoting small and large muscle development
  6. Supplying daily opportunities of hands-on activities to express and promote their creativity
  7. Everyday experiences that foster curiosity, stimulate thinking and promote feeling of respect for self and others regardless of differences

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